Navigating the tranquil inland waterways of the UK on a beautiful, traditional narrowboat is an experience unlike any other, blending leisure with a deep connection to the nation’s rich history.

But as with any cherished possession, ensuring its safety and protection is paramount. That’s why boat owners need insurance, your safeguard against the unpredictable elements of life on the water.

Designed to offer both peace of mind and comprehensive protection, KGJ will ensure that your insurance encapsulates the varying needs of boat owners, whether you’re meandering along a local waterway or embarking on lengthier waterway exploration.

With KGJ, discover insurance crafted to ensure your cruising is as carefree as the gentle ripples of the water beneath your craft.

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Why Choose Us as Your Narrowboat Insurance Specialists?

With a distinguished history that stretches over six decades in both general and niche insurance, KGJ's reputation in the narrowboat insurance field is second to none. With the winding Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal on our doorstep and Stourbridge’s old wharf just half a mile from our head office, we’ve had plenty of experience with boat insurance in our time.


Shunning generic online platforms, KGJ instead favours the approach of a personalised service. We champion in-person interaction, be it face-to-face or over the phone, and value the significance of understanding your unique narrowboat needs. For us, sourcing insurance for narrowboats is more than just a procedure, it’s a genuine commitment to safeguarding your tranquil waterway adventures and ensuring your financial peace of mind.

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What Do Our Policies Cover?

Every journey is different, reflecting the individual dreams and visions of its owners. Recognising this, at KGJ we offer more than just templated solutions. Instead, our narrowboat insurance is a handcrafted service led by experienced brokers, aiming to complement every twist and turn of your cruising adventures. Policy provisions can include, but are not limited to:

Vessel Loss or Damage: Your boat is your pride and joy. We can provide coverage ensuring its repair or replacement if the unexpected occurs.

Third-Party Liability: Ensuring peace of mind, our policies protect against potential third-party injuries, property damages or unforeseen legal issues.

Rescue and Salvage: If your boat becomes stranded or sinks, we provide coverage for the costs of rescue or salvage operations.

Liveaboard and Extended Cruising: For those who call their narrowboat home or wish to venture further, this covers extended trips and the unique needs of liveaboards.

These foundational covers are just the beginning. At KGJ, we dive into the finer details, curating policies that resonate with every facet of your boat journey.

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Benefits of Insuring With KGJ

Choosing KGJ to handle your boat insurance comes with many benefits:

  • Personalised Service: KGJ believes in personal touch. Our clients aren’t numbers, they're part of the KGJ family.
  • Competitive Rates: Quality doesn't always mean expensive. We ensure that you get the best coverage at competitive rates.
  • Claim Assistance: In your hour of need, we're right by your side, making the claims process smooth and efficient.
  • Industry Insights: Being in the business for so long has given us invaluable insights, which we bring to the table every time.
  • Trusted Partners: Our partnerships with leading insurance providers ensure you get nothing but the best.

Ready to cast off with confidence? Get in touch with KGJ today, and let's discuss how we can make your boat insurance journey as serene as the waterways themselves.

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