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With over five decades of experience in helping our clients save for the future, we have a thorough understanding of the market and the importance of your money.

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Professional investment advice can only have your best interests at heart when it’s truly independent. At KGJ, our only focus and loyalty is to you, the client.

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As a proud and long-established family firm, we understand how vital planning for the future and ‘saving for a rainy day’ is to the financial wellbeing of our clients.

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What is Commercial Property Owners Insurance?

Commercial property owners’ insurance is an essential coverage designed specifically for business property owners. It safeguards your commercial building and its contents against various risks, such as fire, theft or natural disasters. This insurance is vital in protecting the financial interests of property owners and mitigating losses from unforeseen incidents. With commercial property owners’ insurance, you can opt for several types of policies:

When choosing a property insurance policy, it’s important to carefully consider the level of cover required and the cost of the policy. It’s also vital to fully read and understand the terms and conditions, including any exclusions or limitations.

Depending on your location, you may also like to consider additional cover options such as flood insurance, which provides coverage for any damage caused by flooding.

Commercial property owners’ insurance should provide peace of mind and financial protection for property owners and operators, helping to mitigate the costs of unexpected events and providing reassurance in the event of damage or loss of property. It is especially important for those who rely on their property for business operations, where the risks of property damage or loss can have a significant impact on their bottom line.


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Why Choose KGJ for Commercial Property Insurance?

It’s so important to financially protect the property, assets and inventory of your business. When it comes to the financial wellbeing of your company, and the peace of mind of the CFO and other directors, a robust, customised commercial property insurance policy is a must. But there are many different policies and providers out there, and we understand that finding the right deal for your business, type of operation and property portfolio is anything but straightforward.

KGJ is a fiercely independent, long-established insurance broker with significant experience in matching clients with bespoke commercial property insurance policies that precisely fit the needs of businesses. Whatever your company deals with, and however experienced you are as a manager or entrepreneur, finding commercial property insurance is too important to take risks with. The advised commercial insurance service provided by KGJ will ensure the best interests of you and your business are the only focus of our efforts. We will fully explain every detail of the policy to you and will ensure the insurance you take away from us is robust, watertight and fit for purpose.

Ready to talk? Get in touch with us to chat about your commercial property insurance needs.

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KGJ Can Insure Commercial Properties for Owners and Landlords Alike 

We understand the complexities and unique challenges faced by owners and landlords of commercial properties. Our commercial property landlord insurance is crafted to provide comprehensive protection for a range of commercial settings, from retail environments to office spaces. This specialised insurance covers not just typical risks, but extends to cover aspects unique to commercial tenancies, such as public liability and potential loss of rent due to unforeseen events.

Whether it’s safeguarding against tenant-related issues or ensuring continuity in rental income, our tailored policies provide a safety net, allowing you to manage your property with confidence and security. Securing this essential coverage with KGJ is straightforward and hassle-free. Our highly experienced advisors are committed to understanding your needs and tailoring a policy that reflects your unique situation. We offer an array of options, from landlord liability and contents insurance to comprehensive building insurance, ensuring every aspect of your property is protected.

To explore the full range of our commercial property landlord insurance services and how they complement our broader commercial property insurance offerings, get in touch with us.


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Expert Commercial Property Insurance Brokers

Our role is to navigate the complexities of insurance on your behalf, ensuring your assets are comprehensively protected. Our process is straightforward yet thorough. Our expert commercial property insurance brokers begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business needs and the risks associated with your commercial property. We then conduct a detailed market analysis to identify the best solutions, tailoring our recommendations to precisely fit your unique requirements.

Thanks to our long history as commercial property insurance brokers, we have access to an extensive range of insurance options from many different providers, ensuring that you always receive the most suitable coverage at the most competitive rates. We are truly independent and are beholden to no shareholders or brands – only you and your best interests. We strive for transparency in all our communications, making sure you understand each aspect of your insurance options. This clarity empowers you to make informed decisions confidently.

From the initial consultation to the final implementation of your policy, we handle each step with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our commitment is to safeguard your commercial interests, providing peace of mind that your property is comprehensively protected.


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