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KGJ Insurance Brokers is a community-focused, family-run company with over 50 years of experience in the financial services sector. Our business is built upon trust – and our purpose is to ensure that each and every client receives personalised advice that exceeds expectations and ensures a strong sense of financial wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke, ethical advice – always with your best interests at heart – providing products and services that meet a wide range of requirements. We are the antithesis of price-comparison websites and the caveats, hidden limitations and “gotchas” that often come with their so-called “deals”. Thousands of satisfied clients across Stourbridge and the surrounding regions have benefitted from our honest, clear, tailored advice and are in a much better financial position as a result.

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Meet the Team

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Martin Wood

Managing Director

Martin founded KGJ in December 1969 after working in the industry for five years. He specialises in pensions and investments, and his greatest joy is helping clients get to the financial place they want to be.

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Stuart Pearson


Stuart has worked in the insurance industry for his entire career, joining KGJ in 1995 to work on personal insurance services. He now works on the commercial team, ensuring KGJ’s clients receive positive outcomes.

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John Donnelly

Director and Independent Financial Adviser

John has worked in financial services since 1991 and specialises in pensions, savings and investments. He enjoys meeting clients, learning about their aspirations and, ultimately, helping them meet their goals.

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Andy Passey


Andy has worked for independent insurance brokers for his whole career, which began in 1989. He believes in building relationships with clients and providing down-to-earth advice with a personal touch.

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Jim Bodycote

Independent Financial Adviser

Jim has been in the financial services sector since 1979 and specialises in investments, pension advice and the specific benefit options that can arise when a client is approaching retirement.

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Stephen Jebb

Personal Lines Manager

Stephen specialises in personal lines, including car and classic car insurance, travel insurance and caravan insurance, and has worked in the sector since 1986.

Justin Eades Team photo blue background vector
Justin Eades

Insurance Broker

Justin has worked in the general insurance sector since 1988 and believes KGJ’s ongoing success is all down to our personal service, ensuring that clients get the exact bespoke cover they need.

KGJ Main Leaf

Financial Wellbeing the KGJ Way

At KGJ, we strongly believe in the community outlook, bespoke advice and tailored solutions approach to financial services, because the only way to attain true financial wellbeing is to entrust the experts. Together, we'll provide you with the most tailored financial advice on the market, for rewarding results that are most definitely worth it.

In this ever-connected online world, it’s all too easy to see an online deal for an insurance package, a mortgage or any other serious financial commitment, and grab the cheapest deal. However, there are dangers with this approach. Insurance can be complex, and it is too easy to pay for cover you do not actually need. Even worse, in the aftermath of a disaster, you could discover you have insurance that does not cover you for what you do need. We've seen the devastating consequences of poor online coverage far too many times and want to guide you away from these pitfalls.


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Our managing director Martin Wood founded KGJ in 1969 – and while the world may have changed over the past five decades, the values associated with quality financial advice and custom solutions have remained as important as ever. The friendly and plain-speaking experts at KGJ have your financial wellbeing as their only concern and are only ever a phone call away.

We stand by your side throughout the twists and turns of life, having seen many clients go from the beginning of their careers to full, happy retirement. Your financial commitments and monetary wellbeing are just too important to entrust to faceless brands. It’s the reason why so many of our clients recommend us to friends and family, allowing us to guide an increasing number of financial futures from generation to generation.

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