Cruising along the UK's canals on a traditional canal boat is a journey that intertwines relaxation with a touch of Britain's industrial past.

Like all valued assets, safeguarding your investment is crucial.

We ensure the insurance we provide is your protective financial guarantee against the unforeseen moments of life on the canals.

Tailored to give you both reassurance and extensive coverage, our insurance is crafted to suit all boat enthusiasts, from those enjoying short jaunts on local waterways to the ones exploring the expansive canal network.

From cruisers to narrowboats and Dutch barges to traditional working boats, canal boat insurance is essential. 

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Why Choose Us as Your Canal Boat Insurance Specialists?

with a timeline spanning over six decades as insurance specialists, KGJ's eminence in canal boat insurance is unparalleled. With our proximity to historic waterways like the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal and the Stourbridge canal basin just half a mile from our office, our rich and diverse experience with insurance has grown from local roots. 

Boat insurance, not unlike the canal network itself, has its own set of complexities and subtleties. Each canal boat owner's preferences and boat features are distinctive. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on crafting policies that align with the unique needs of each boat owner. Whether it's overarching coverage or specific coverage inclusions you seek, our deeply experienced team ensures your policy always does what you need it to do – no more, no less. 

KGJ focuses on a highly tailored experience, far from the generic online insurance portals and soulless price comparison sites. We advocate conversation, either in-person or over the phone, to help us get a genuine understanding of your unique needs. At KGJ, canal boat insurance is not just transactional, it's our genuine pledge to preserve your peaceful waterway escapades and assure your financial security when cruising

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What Do Our Policies Cover?

No two boats are the same so, at KGJ, we go beyond the ordinary. Our insurance is brokered by seasoned professionals and is designed to align with every meander of your canal boat adventures. Our policy features may include: 

  • Protection Against Boat Damage: Cherish your boat? We offer coverage to mend or replace it in the event of unforeseen incidents. 
  • Liability to Third Parties: Relax with policies that guard against possible third-party injuries, property harm or unexpected legal issues. 
  • Recovery and Salvage Cover: Should your vessel face a mishap or become waterlogged, we've got the costs of recovery or salvage covered. 
  • Extended Cruising and Residential Cover: Ideal for those who call their canal boat home or lovers of longer trips, and the distinct requirements of permanent waterway living. 
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Benefits of Insuring With KGJ

Opting for KGJ’s insurance brings numerous advantages. You’re not only tapping into our extensive experience but also allying with a team that deeply understands the essence of canal boating. We offer: 

  • Tailored Service: At KGJ, every client is unique. We cultivate relationships, not mere transactions. 
  • Fair Pricing: Superior coverage need not break the bank. We promise optimal protection at fair prices. 
  • Claims Assistance: When adversity strikes, we stand shoulder to shoulder, simplifying the claims process. 
  • Valuable Market Knowledge: Our longstanding presence offers insights that are second to none. 
  • Reputable Affiliations: Collaborating with top-tier insurance providers guarantees premium coverage. 

Ready to safeguard your canal boat adventures? Contact KGJ today, and together, we'll ensure your waterway adventures remain smooth, secure and memorable, no matter which type of canal craft you cruise in. 

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