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Personal Service for Peace of Mind

We all seek financial security and peace of mind in our lives. While insurance is an important part of achieving this, it’s important to ensure you take out the right cover to avoid overpaying for services you don’t require. Our task at KGJ is to make sure that you get the cover you need for the risks you really face, avoiding unnecessary extras.

Some insurance products, like car insurance, are mandatory. Nevertheless, whether the insurance policies we take out are a requirement or discretionary, it’s essential that our cover works when we need it. Finding the right personal insurance cover to suit your needs, whether for yourself or your possessions, can prove both perplexing and time-consuming – but with the right insurance broker it needn’t be. KGJ is here to ensure that all our clients get tailored policies that cover their exact needs.

Get Free Impartial Advice

As fully independent insurance brokers beholden to no insurance company, we’re here to help and protect you with our tailored insurance coverage. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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Our Personal Insurance Services

Health Insurance

Health insurance is for anyone who wants to protect themselves financially against the high cost of medical care, including private health insurance or insurance for carers.

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Home Insurance

Anybody who owns – or has a stake in – a home property they want to safeguard against potential dangers, damages and unforeseen events should consider home insurance.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial security for your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death, covering expenses such as funeral costs, debts and living expenses.

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Boat Insurance

Marine insurance should be considered by anybody operating near or on seas, canals or other major bodies of water, as well as by boat owners – whether they operate yachts or narrowboats.

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Motor Insurance

Vehicle damage, injuries to other people in an accident, fire, theft and weather damage, among others, can all be covered by personal motor insurance policies.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, be it domestic or international, protects travellers from expenses they might incur because of unforeseen events during their trip.

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Why Choose Us?

Advised Insurance

KGJ offers a personalised service from a trained adviser. Purchasing through comparison sites results in non-advised policies, where information is presented without recommendations. If anything goes wrong with your insurance, there may be very little you can do. With KGJ by your side, you will get the right insurance, and if something does go wrong we will be there to help, whatever happens.

Industry Knowledge

Our highly experienced team understands and avoids the pitfalls of the ‘cheapest deal’ and the additional cover, get-out clauses and ‘gotchas’ that often come with unadvised insurance.

Personal Service

We provide a direct, honest and personalised one-to-one service, rescuing our clients from the maze of online providers and their often exorbitant, misleading and unsuitable offers.

Wide Access

KGJ has access to a large range of insurance service providers. We always seek out bespoke policies that meet your exact needs and never settle for ‘close enough’.

Our Customers

We’ve been privileged to provide our services to many different clients over the years. Here’s what just a few of them have said about working with KGJ.

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What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance plays a vital role in protecting individuals from risks related to health, property and other personal assets, which are often caused by unexpected and potentially costly events that can arise with little to no warning. Insurance can sometimes feel like an unnecessary expense, especially when a cost-of-living crisis begins to bite. However, the right insurance policies are now more essential than ever for achieving financial security.

Personal insurance includes health insurance, life insurance, home insurance and car insurance, among many other products. These policies provide peace of mind for individuals by transferring the risk of loss to an insurance company, in exchange for a regular payment. Without insurance, individuals could face significant financial hardships and uncertainty.

Our purpose at KGJ is to ensure that all of our clients have a strong sense of financial well-being, with policies that accurately cover individual needs.

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