Sailing the open waters is not just about the thrill of adventure, it's a testament to freedom, dreams and exploration. To truly enjoy this experience, assurance of financial security and peace of mind are vital.

KGJ’s insurance brokerage services embody this spirit. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the policies we source cater to the many needs of yacht owners.

Whether you’re tracing the picturesque UK coastline or venturing towards more distant horizons, our robust insurance ensures you're shielded from the unexpected.

At KGJ, we believe that every nautical journey should be embarked upon with confidence and serenity. 

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Why Choose Us as Your Yacht Insurance Specialists?

With a history spanning over 60 years in the specialist insurance domain, KGJ has firmly established itself as an industry stalwart.


  • As a subset of boat insurance and marine insurance, the world of yacht insurance is as vast as the oceans themselves, encompassing a wide gamut of risks from common to very specific.


  • Every yacht owner's needs can vary dramatically based on their boating activities, destinations and vessel specifications.


  • We pride ourselves on sourcing bespoke policies that offer precisely tailored cover. Whether you need comprehensive protection or specific clauses, our expertise ensures that the policies we procure will always fit your exact requirements. 


  • Unlike impersonal price comparison sites and online insurance platforms that frequently settle for "best fit" or "near enough" solutions riddled with ambiguities, KGJ stands apart. We pride ourselves on direct interactions, ensuring that our clients are equipped with fully advised policies, meticulously tailored to their specific needs.


Here, insurance isn't just a transaction, it's our sincere pledge to safeguarding your nautical aspirations and seafaring wellbeing. 

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What Do Our Yacht Insurance Policies Cover?

Every yacht owner has unique needs, and at KGJ we fully embrace this. Rather than providing generic, off-the-shelf solutions, our insurance is a highly tailored service, led by expert brokers, designed to fit seamlessly with your sailing lifestyle. Our policy provisions can encompass: 

  • Hull Insurance: Dedicated to the safeguarding of your yacht's structural integrity, ensuring that damages to the craft itself are covered. 
  • Cargo Insurance: An essential protection for your personal items and any professional equipment onboard, giving you peace of mind during your voyages. 
  • Marine Liability Insurance: A comprehensive coverage against potential third-party injuries, damages to properties or any unforeseen legal complications. 

These offerings, while fundamental, are only the starting point. At KGJ, we delve deeper, curating policies that resonate with every aspect of your maritime experience. 

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Benefits of Insuring With KGJ

When choosing KGJ for your yacht insurance needs, you're also getting: 

  • Expertise: Leverage our six-decade experience in the marine and boat insurance sector. 
  • Personalised Service: Forget one-size-fits-all. We align our services with your aspirations, ensuring bespoke solutions that precisely match your needs. 
  • Trusted Relationships: With KGJ, you're not just a policy number. We nurture enduring relationships built on trust, reliability and a shared passion for financial wellbeing. 
  • Complete Transparency: Say goodbye to hidden clauses. Our commitment is to provide clear, comprehensible policies that stand the test of time. 

Get in touch with KGJ's dedicated team of marine insurance specialists and together we’ll chart the safest course for your sailing adventures. For enquiries, policy guidance or just a friendly chat about your maritime aspirations, we're here to assist. 

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