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Maximise your Savings with KGJ

Most of us try to save a little money from time to time, but few people fully understand just how much you can make your savings work for you with a robust savings and investments plan. Understandably, many people are reluctant to make the leap, but with the right financial advice and attitude to risk, it is possible to significantly grow your savings.

That’s where the savings and investment specialists at KGJ come in. If you’ve been thinking of saving and investing but would like tailored advice from an experienced financial services professional, the team at KGJ are ready and waiting to help you maximise your savings. Whatever your initial investment and preferred terms, we’re here to help you make the most of your money.

Get Expert Savings Advice

Our independence and expertise in savings are the reason our clients come back to KGJ again and again for advice on some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. Get in touch today.

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Our Savings and Investment Services

Investing a Windfall or Inheritance

If you receive a windfall or inheritance, consider your long-term financial goals before deciding how to invest the funds. You may want to consult a financial advisor to help you develop an investment.

Making Your Pension Work

To make the most of your pension, it's important to contribute as much as possible and to start saving early. You may also want to consider consolidating multiple pensions into one.

Planning for a Large Expenditure

If you're planning for a large expenditure such as a home purchase or major renovation, it's important to budget carefully and save up as much as possible beforehand.

Planning for Inheritance Tax

If you're concerned about the impact of inheritance tax, there are strategies you can use to minimise your tax liability. Consult a financial advisor to determine the best approach for your circumstances.

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement involves estimating how much income you'll need to cover your living expenses in later life and taking steps to ensure you have enough savings and investments to meet those needs.

Tax-Efficient Investing

Tax-efficient investing can be achieved with a financial advisor using strategies such as investing in tax-free savings accounts or using tax-efficient investment vehicles such as ISAs or pension schemes.

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Investment Readiness Questionnaire

This questionnaire explains investment risk, checks your understanding of it and explores your attitude to it. We use the results from this questionnaire to ensure that we give you advice that is suitable for you. Please read through the text and answer the questions as you come to them.

Attitude Risk

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Investing is risky, for example, there are two financial risks that are almost impossible to avoid over time:
  1. The interest your bank charges (or doesn't)
  2. Inflation, which changes how much the £ in your pocket is worth
Question: What is your experience of financial risk?(Required)
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Why Choose Us?

Well Informed

KGJ has helped thousands of people invest their money and save for the future. We understand the market and how vital is it to see a return on your investments.

Client Focussed

We don’t work for shareholders, we work for you. Your money is important, and all our expert, independent savings advice is given with your financial wellbeing as the sole focus of our endeavours.

Tailored Advice

There are no ‘catch-all’ solutions when it comes to financial advice and investment. At KGJ we learn about you and your situation before proceeding with bespoke advice and opportunities.

Clear and Concise

Clarity and understanding are as important to us as they are to you. We’re not happy until you are fully informed and entirely happy to proceed with any savings investments.

Our Customers

We’ve been privileged to provide our services to many different clients over the years. Here’s what just a few of them have said about working with KGJ.

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What Are Savings and Investments?

Savings are funds that are set aside from your earnings and are not immediately spent. They are often held in a separate bank account such as a savings account. Savings are essential for financial peace of mind. Investments entail placing money into assets in the hope of making a profit over time. Investments can include stocks, bonds, property or business, but they are usually more volatile than cash.

Cash tends to decline in value with inflation, whilst usually attracting a certain amount of interest to balance that decline when left on deposit with a financial institution such as a bank. Investments represent value that is held in a market and the market values those investments when they are bought and sold. That makes the value of investments more volatile.

However, while savings are less volatile, they may not produce as much of a return. Based on your financial goals, attitude to risk and ideal timescales, it’s crucial to find a balance between saving cash and investing your cash for growth or income. Saving cash and investing can both help you develop your wealth, so it’s critical to plan and manage both effectively, based on your unique financial situation – which is where KGJ can help.

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