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Pension Planning with KGJ

At KGJ, we work hard to ensure your financial wellbeing and peace of mind, guiding you through one of the most important decisions you can make – taking out the right pension. As we get older, we start to look towards retirement and what we’d like to do with our golden years. When it comes to pension planning, the earlier you start, the better.

Professional pension advice will help you get the best from your pension contributions, and even if you have a workplace pension, you may want to give some thought to taking out a private pension, as well. Whatever your current pension status, the independent pension specialists at KGJ are here to advise you and find the very best pension plan for you.

Get Pension Advice On Planning

As independent financial advisors, our only concern is providing our clients with the best possible investment opportunities. Contact us to learn more about our bespoke pension planning services.

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Our Pension Planning Services

Consolidating Pensions

These days few people have a career with one firm and end up with multiple pensions with different providers from each employment. We can help you consolidate your pensions and prepare for flexible access drawdown in retirement.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax is onerous. Over a certain threshold, it is normally 40% of the value of the estate, including money, possessions and property, of somebody who has passed away. At KGJ, we can help you plan for it.

Long-Term Cash Planning

We have tools that allow us to build a forecast for 60 or more years into the future. Although nobody has a crystal ball, it is possible to see the general direction a savings plan will take you and whether you will be able to get to where you want.

Making the Best of Your Retirement

Retirement should be all about getting the most out of life, and a pension fund is essential for maintaining your quality of life after your working days end. We can help you make your existing pension last longer and do more for you.

Pension Planning in Middle Age

If you start planning your retirement when you’re already in middle age, then there is no need to panic! All is not lost, and a great deal is possible, even in a short time. Get in touch so that we can work out what the best plan is.

Starting Pensions Young

The best time to start a pension is when you start work. Even a very small monthly deposit can end up making a sizeable contribution to a retirement fund that won’t be used for forty years or more. Get in touch to get your pension started.

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Investment Readiness Questionnaire

This questionnaire explains investment risk, checks your understanding of it and explores your attitude to it. We use the results from this questionnaire to ensure that we give you advice that is suitable for you. Please read through the text and answer the questions as you come to them.

Attitude Risk

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Investing is risky, for example, there are two financial risks that are almost impossible to avoid over time:
  1. The interest your bank charges (or doesn't)
  2. Inflation, which changes how much the £ in your pocket is worth
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Why Choose Us?

The Personal Touch

KGJ is proud to offer premium, bespoke advice. To us, 'close enough' is not good enough when it comes to your pension and personal finances. The solutions we provide are always fully tailored to you.

Long-Term Advice

Pensions are a long-term investment. We understand that your personal circumstances, hopes and retirement plans will change over time. That’s why KGJ is here to provide pension advice throughout.

Straight Talking

We understand the confusing and bewildering financial language of pensions and it is our job to explain them in everyday language. Your pension is important, and KGJ will ensure you fully understand your commitment and the eventual outcome.

We Listen

We will listen to your hopes, plans and ideas for the life you want to lead when your working days end, and will help you arrange the pension you need.

Our Customers

We’ve been privileged to provide our services to many different clients over the years. Here’s what just a few of them have said about working with KGJ.

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What Is a Pension?

A pension is a savings pot that you contribute to during your working years and then use as a source of income during your retirement. In the UK, they are often offered as part of a benefits package from your employer and, since 2012, all employers have been obliged to automatically enrol employees into a pension scheme, unless they opt out. Many people also have private pensions.

Pensions often come with advantages, such as tax relief on contributions and tax-free growth, making them popular for long-term saving for retirement. In most cases, regular contributions during your working years, are invested and then grow over time. It is essential to regularly review pension investments to ensure they align with your retirement goals and keep pace with current market conditions, pension legislation and your financial circumstances.

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