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Founded in the heart of the West Midlands, KGJ has provided more than 50 years of trusted personal financial advice services to the communities we serve. We've grown our reputation by consistently delivering clear, precise and actionable guidance tailored for individuals, families and retirees. Our array of services spans investment strategies, retirement planning, mortgage advice and more. For those with newfound wealth, like an inheritance or windfall, we provide counsel to maximise its potential.

For individuals preparing for their golden years, we assess pension options to ensure a comfortable future. When it comes to navigating the often-confusing territory of inheritance tax or seeking tax-efficient investing techniques, our seasoned team stands ready. We're more than just advisors, we are partners committed to securing your financial future, ensuring you make informed decisions. Choose KGJ’s personal financial advice services and gain the confidence that comes from having an expertly charted, fully advised financial roadmap designed with your unique journey in mind.

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The First Steps to Taking Financial Advice

In the bustling landscape of Stourbridge and the wider region, making the right financial choices can feel overwhelming. But beginning your journey with KGJ's financial advisors in the West Midlands is as easy as dropping us a line or picking up the phone. Our initial consultations are free of charge, and are designed to be relaxed and reassuring, allowing you ample time to discuss, reflect and decide on your best course of action.

Drawing upon decades of experience, we make it our mission to deeply understand your individual goals, challenges and aspirations. With us, it's never about pushing a product or making hasty choices – we are completely independent and answer only to our clients. At KGJ, it's about crafting a personal financial advice service tailored just for you, ensuring your financial peace of mind is at the heart of every decision. Our steadfast commitment is to ensure you feel informed, empowered and confident in each step we take together.


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What Financial Advice Can You Offer Me?

We offer a wide selection of personal financial advice services, not just limited to the examples below. The most vital aspect of taking this kind of advice is it is built around a genuine understanding of your personal circumstances and expectations, which is why KGJ’s clients come back to us time and time again. Don’t risk leaving some of the biggest financial decisions of your life to impersonal, generic services that neither know nor care about you as a person.

  • Investing a Windfall or Inheritance: An unexpected windfall can be a blessing but can bring with it lots of uncertainty. At KGJ, we provide informed counsel on how to best allocate these funds, ensuring they align with your long-term goals and financial security.
  • Pensions: Retirement might seem a long way off, but when it comes to financial planning, you can’t start soon enough. We understand the intricacies of pensions, from accumulating wealth to drawing an income, ensuring you're well-prepared for an enjoyable retirement.
  • Mortgages: Whether you're a first-time buyer or are re-evaluating your current mortgage situation, our advice and knowledge will help simplify the process. We'll guide you through rates, terms and strategies, all with your financial wellbeing at the forefront.
  • Inheritance Tax: Ensuring the best outcome from what you leave behind is important. With evolving tax laws and differing circumstances, our expertise will help you navigate the intricacies of inheritance tax, ensuring your loved ones maximise your legacy.
  • Tax Efficient Investing: Beyond just growing your funds, we also aim for wealth preservation. By employing strategies that balance returns with tax advantages, we ensure your investments are both profitable and fully advised.
  • Savings: Goals, both big and small, start with regular, disciplined saving. Whether you're saving for a future venture, a milestone like a wedding or simply as a safety net, our tailored strategies give your savings the best chance to grow robustly and securely.

With KGJ's unparalleled personal financial advice services, you're not just receiving advice, you're gaining a partner committed to ensuring each financial decision gets you closer to your goals.

For personalised guidance on your financial journey, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us via phone on 01384 390909, email us at, or simply fill out our form below. Your financial security and peace of mind future is just a conversation away.


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