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Empowering Your Money to Do More

At KGJ, our mission is to provide an all-encompassing service for financial advice in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. We focus on creating custom policies and solutions for your unique requirements. We value personal connections, bringing sincerity and empathy to every meeting. Our extensive expertise ranges from investment counsel to insurance brokerage, and we have the experience and range of services to be with you every step of the way on your financial journey. 

We understand that life is filled with momentous events, each needing careful financial consideration. Be it planning for a marriage, buying a new house, welcoming a new child, receiving an inheritance or preparing for retirement, KGJ is here to guide you at every step. Our team of highly experienced advisors bring proficiency in diverse areas such as pension planning, tax-efficient investing and inheritance tax planning. 

In addition, we are finely tuned to the needs of businesses, providing solid commercial financial services and insurance brokerage. From safeguarding growing firms to securing optimal commercial mortgages, we ensure businesses in Birmingham thrive without financial worries. 

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Much More Than Financial Advice

Our commitment to your financial success stretches beyond merely giving advice. We pride ourselves in establishing enduring relationships with our clients, being a part of their milestones, accomplishments and dreams. With KGJ, you are not just a client – you are part of our community. 

We comprehend that navigating the financial world can be complicated and often overwhelming. With our proficient guidance, we simplify complex jargon, making processes easy and helping you make informed decisions. Together, your financial journey is a much more welcoming experience.

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Commercial Insurance and Financial Services

Our commercial insurance and financial services offer business owners and investors the security and peace of mind they need, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities. Bespoke business insurance mitigates risks by transferring liabilities to insurers, minimising unexpected financial disruptions. The insurance market, with its multitude of policies loaded with unnecessary extras and exclusions, can be overwhelming. But, with over five decades of experience, KGJ provides expert guidance and brokerage services in Birmingham, helping local businesses navigate the maze. 


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Free Financial Advice

Beginning your financial journey in the Birmingham area shouldn’t be a daunting task. That’s why at KGJ, we offer complimentary initial consultations to set you on your path to financial security. As independent advisors, our sole commitment is to you. Perhaps you require guidance on savings strategies or are curious about investment opportunities. Maybe you’re seeking help in crafting pension plans tailored to your circumstances. Regardless of the complexity of your financial situation, our commitment to your best interests is unshakeable. 

Navigating the multifaceted mortgage market, understanding investment intricacies or making informed decisions about insurance coverages can indeed be overwhelming, but that’s where our vast experience comes into play. Unlike tied advisors, we are not obligated to any insurance companies or financial institutions. This autonomy allows us to provide advice and recommendations solely based on your unique needs and circumstances, ensuring that your financial decisions genuinely serve you. 

With our complimentary initial consultation, you have access to expert advice without any financial commitment. We are here to listen, to comprehend your goals and to assist you in making vital steps towards financial stability. Your journey towards financial freedom begins with a simple conversation – just get in touch with us. 

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Why Choose Us?

Trusted Expertise

KGJ's history is built on fifty years of financial excellence and deep-rooted trust within the Birmingham community. As an independent financial advisory firm, we are devoted to delivering expert advice to individuals and businesses, underpinned by our commitment to honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Unbiased Advice

We take an impartial approach to financial advice, providing information that aligns with your unique needs and financial goals. We understand that your objectives are as individual as you are. That's why we give unbiased advice, working with you to find the best solutions to secure your financial future.

A Time-Honoured Approach

At KGJ, we believe in a holistic approach to financial planning. We don't just look at one aspect of your financial life but consider everything together, from savings and investments to pensions and insurance. This comprehensive view allows us to create personalised strategies that align with your overall financial goals.

The Personal Touch

Our team is dedicated to offering a high level of personal service. We value our relationships with our clients, ensuring you feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way. As financial advisors in Birmingham, we believe our clients deserve a friendly, approachable service where their needs are heard and valued.