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Making Your Money Go Further

  1. At KGJ, we are committed to simplifying financial services for both residents and businesses. As independent financial advisors, we provide tailored, comprehensive advice rooted in a deep understanding of our industry.
  2. Our approach is always personal, ensuring that every strategy we create is as individual as those we serve. We believe in building a personal rapport and offering empathy and understanding with every interaction. Our expertise covers everything from investment counsel to insurance brokerage, allowing us to support you at every stage of your financial journey.
  3. Life’s momentous events come with crucial and often difficult financial decisions, and we’re here to guide you through each one. Whether you’re planning for a wedding, welcoming a new family member, managing an inheritance or preparing for retirement, our experienced team of financial advisors offer expert advice in areas like pension planning, tax-efficient investing and inheritance tax planning.
  4. We also cater to the financial needs of local businesses, providing robust financial services and insurance brokerage solutions. From protecting your growing enterprise to finding the right commercial mortgage, we aim to ensure businesses in Shrewsbury flourish with peace of mind.
  5. With our deep local knowledge and over fifty years of experience, KGJ is your partner in turning life’s financial challenges into opportunities and securing your financial wellbeing at every turn.
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So Much More Than Just Financial Advice

At KGJ, our approach to financial advice goes way beyond standard, impersonal rinse-and-repeat solutions. We embrace the individuality of each client and their situation, crafting personalised financial strategies that target individual goals and dreams.

Our financial advisors in Shrewsbury offer:

  • Expertise on a comprehensive range of subjects, but always in an understandable and easy-to-digest manner.
  • We are proudly your independent guides to the modern financial world.
  • We value real, human connections, ensuring that you’re not a number in a system, but a respected member of our extended family.
  • When you need us, we’ll be there at the end of the phone or in person at our nearby offices
  • No chasing us or going around in call centre circles for days.
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Diverse Financial Services for Businesses and Individuals

KGJ offers a spectrum of financial services tailored specifically for local residents and businesses.

Our expertise encompasses everything from individual savings and investment strategies to comprehensive pension planning and mortgage advice.

We provide personal insurance solutions and robust financial services for businesses, all delivered with our hallmark of personalised, unbiased guidance.

Our goal is to simplify complex financial decisions, ensuring your experience with us is informed, clear and tailored to your needs.

Savings Advice

Navigating savings and investments can be challenging, but with KGJ’s expert guidance, it’s a journey made easier. Our financial advisors in Shrewsbury specialise in creating tailored savings plans, catering to your unique financial goals. Whether you’re starting to save or looking to grow your existing investments, our team provides practical, personalised advice to help your funds flourish.

Our Savings Services

Pension Advice

Planning for retirement requires expert input, and that’s where KGJ’s pension advice shines. Our dedicated team assists you in navigating the complexities of pension schemes, ensuring your retirement plan aligns with your future aspirations. Whether you’re close to retirement or planning ahead, our independent advice is crafted to secure your long-term financial comfort.

Our Pension Services

Mortgage Advice

The mortgage landscape can be intricate and overwhelming. As experienced independent financial advisors, KGJ offers clear, comprehensive mortgage guidance. We help you understand various mortgage options and find the perfect fit for your home-buying aspirations, ensuring a decision that works for your financial situation and future security.

Our Mortgage Services

Personal Insurance Services

Finding the right personal insurance shouldn’t be a complex task. At KGJ, we streamline the process, offering bespoke insurance solutions that meet your individual needs. Our financial advisors provide expert insights, helping you choose coverage that offers peace of mind, without unnecessary extras.

Our Personal Insurance Services

Commercial Insurance and Financial Services

For businesses in Shrewsbury, KGJ delivers customised commercial insurance and financial services. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses and offer tailored solutions to mitigate risks and foster growth. Trust our team to provide the support and guidance needed to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Commercial and Financial Services
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Why Choose KGJ for Financial Advice in Shrewsbury?

Proven Expertise

With a history spanning over fifty years, KGJ stands as a highly experienced example of financial excellence. Our independent advisory firm is deeply committed to providing expert, honest advice, tailored to the unique needs of individuals and businesses.

Bespoke, Impartial Guidance

Our approach to financial advice is always bespoke and impartial. As independent financial advisors, we're not bound by affiliations with any providers. This allows us to offer solutions that are genuinely in line with your personal and financial goals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

At KGJ, we consider all aspects of your financial life, from pensions and investments to savings and insurance. This comprehensive strategy ensures that our advice aligns with your overall objectives and brings with it financial security and peace of mind.

Personal Service

Our dedication to personal service sets us apart. We value the relationships we build with our clients in Shrewsbury, ensuring that they feel supported and informed at every step. We're not just advisors, we're partners in your financial journey, offering a friendly and approachable service.