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Commercial contents insurance is an important type of business insurance that covers the valuable items inside a business premises. Imagine a retail store packed with valuable stock, an office equipped with the latest tech, or a design studio stocked with essential tools. In each setting, it's the tangible assets that form the lifeblood of the business. Without appropriate protection, these vital assets are exposed to risk.

While commercial buildings insurance covers the structural integrity of your premises, commercial contents insurance focuses on the tools, equipment, stock and a myriad of other assets that drive your daily operations. It's about recognising the value of every asset, from the high-ticket items right down to the smaller tools that, when absent, can slow or halt your operations. You can think of commercial building and commercial contents insurance as being two insurance types that together cover most of your business, inside and out.


In an unpredictable business landscape, where uncertainties can lurk around any corner, commercial contents insurance stands as a vital and robust financial safety net. It ensures that unexpected mishaps, opportunistic thefts or unforeseen disasters don't lead to an insurmountable financial challenge. Instead, with a well-sourced, tailored policy in hand, your business can rebound, rebuild and refocus on its core operations.

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Why Choose KGJ for Commercial Contents Insurance?

Navigating the world of commercial insurance can be daunting, but at KGJ we greatly simplify this process. With over five decades of deep industry experience, our team members possess the acumen to guide you towards the ideal coverage for your enterprise. We understand every business is unique, and so are its assets. Therefore, our experts meticulously tailor policies that meet your specific needs. When you choose KGJ, you’re not just selecting an insurance provider, you're partnering with dedicated professionals committed to safeguarding the very core of your business—its contents.

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What Will My Commercial Contents Policy Cover?

Commercial contents insurance offers a comprehensive safety net for a wide variety of business assets. Typically, it encompasses:


Office Equipment: Computers, printers, telephones and more.

Stock: Whether perishable or non-perishable goods.

Furniture: Desks, chairs, cabinets and other fittings.

Personal Belongings: Items owned by staff and visitors.

Money: Cover against theft or loss of cash on the premises.


However, for the sake of clarity, it's equally essential to understand what might not be included with commercial contents insurance:


Wear and Tear: Normal deterioration over time is often not covered.

Intentional Damage: Deliberate harm caused by the business owner or employees.

Unbacked Claims: Losses without appropriate proof or documentation.

External Disasters: Some policies might exclude specific natural disasters unless explicitly added.

Unspecified High-Value Items: Expensive items that are not declared might not be covered.

Force Majeure: Typically not covered on most policies, however it may be available as an extension or add-on and is something to enquire about.


Given that every business is unique, there might be variations in coverages, which is just one of the reasons it’s so crucial to scrutinise the finer details to ensure all your assets are protected, and that’s precisely where KGJ excels.

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At KGJ, we believe in highly personalised advice. Whether it's face-to-face or over the phone, our experts actively engage with you, ensuring you receive tailored guidance and the ideal policy for your needs.

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