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Have you been affected by damage to your commercial property caused by harsh winter conditions and sub-standard insurance? Cold, wet and stormy weather makes it crucial to take proactive steps to ensure your properties remain safe and secure through the coldest months – flooding alone is estimated to cost the UK insurance industry over £1.5 billion a year.

Not only can we help you find the perfect landlord insurance package, but we’ve also put together this blog aimed at helping you protect your investments and bring down your landlord property insurance premiums by demonstrating a ‘prevention before cure’ attitude.


KGJ’s Expertise in Property Protection


With over fifty years of experience in commercial property insurance, KGJ has a long-standing reputation for offering bespoke solutions and insightful advice on property protection. As an independent broker, we pride ourselves on offering unbiased guidance that aligns with your needs.

Our understanding of the challenges faced in winter, combined with our extensive knowledge of insurance solutions, ensures you receive industry-leading advice and peace of mind when seeking your property cover with us. Having robust, bespoke commercial property landlord insurance is a given, but here are eight top tips to help you protect your properties this winter and potentially even lower your insurance premiums.


1. Winter Maintenance Checks


As winter approaches, landlords should perform comprehensive property inspections. Focus on critical areas such as the roof, including tiles and flashing, to prevent leaks. Ensure guttering is clear and secure, inspect brickwork for any cracks, and check that doors and windows are properly sealed. Working drainage systems are vital to avoid flooding.


2. Adverse Weather Preparation


Adverse winter conditions can swell up with little time to prepare so anticipate the extremes in advance. In areas prone to heavy snowfall, consider reinforcing the roof structure. If you have issues with dampness, a dehumidifier can help as an accumulation of moisture over time can turn a small issue into a significant structural repair. For properties in flood-risk zones, invest in sandbags and waterproofing measures. If your property is exposed to high winds, secure outdoor objects and reinforce windows.


3. Frozen and Burst Pipe Avoidance


To avert frozen and burst pipes, it’s best to ensure all piping, especially in unheated areas, is well insulated. Tenants should also maintain a consistent, moderate temperature within the property, especially during severe cold spells. As always, the most cost-effective solution is taking preventative measures before a problem gets worse.


4. Extra Boiler Maintenance


You’ll already know that it’s a legal requirement for UK landlords to schedule an annual gas safety inspection to guarantee the safety of gas appliances like boilers, but more regular voluntary servicing could be a good move for landlords, particularly on ageing boilers, as it can prevent sudden pipe and heating issues during the colder months.


5. Good Communication with Occupants

Set up straightforward procedures for reporting any property issues, and ensure occupants know who to contact in emergencies, such as boiler breakdowns or roof leaks. Proactively informing them about their role in winter property care, including the importance of timely reporting, can significantly minimise potential damage and repair costs.



6. Security Measures

Burglaries are more common in colder months, so consider installing motion-activated lights, CCTV and a robust security alarm. It’s also essential to ensure all doors and windows are equipped with strong, reliable locks. These measures are not only vital for safeguarding the property but also provide peace of mind. If your building will be lying empty, it can be specially insured as such.


7. Insurance Check


Ensure your policy comprehensively covers winter-specific incidents. KGJ can assist in evaluating your current coverage and suggest necessary amendments or additional protection, ensuring that your property-related financial interests are safeguarded through the colder months. For expert guidance and highly tailored solutions, explore KGJ’s landlord insurance services.


8. Create an Emergency Plan

Preparation not only ensures safety but also helps in the swift resolution of issues, minimising property damage and associated costs. A well-prepared emergency plan is essential and should include clear instructions to the occupants for handling common winter emergencies like power outages, heavy snowfall and water leaks. Provide a comprehensive list of emergency contacts, including plumbers, electricians and your property management details.



Property Insurance for Landlords: We’re Here to Help

At KGJ we’re committed to ensuring that landlords have all the tools and knowledge they need to protect their properties. Our decades of experience in bespoke insurance solutions mean we’re well-equipped to help you protect your property not only for winter but all year round.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with your landlord insurance, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us on 01384 390909 or send us an email at for personalised assistance and independent advice.

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