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Are you looking for life insurance over 70 years of age and are worried that it’s a difficult, drawn out or undignified process?

Well, worry not. Life insurance for septuagenarians is much more common than you may think and is not necessarily prohibitively expensive. Here at KGJ, we have over 50 years of experience across the personal insurance sector in a wide range of different categories, including life insurance.

We’re independent and unbiased, meaning everything we do is built around you and finding you the best bespoke solution for your circumstances.

So, whatever your reasons for seeking life insurance over 70, get in touch with us to explore your options, discover how beneficial life insurance can be in your senior years and find a policy that offers both value and peace of mind.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance If I'm Over 70?

Life insurance at 70 or over provides you with the comfort that bills will be covered and your loved ones looked after once you're gone.

There are many good reasons to consider it, and here are just a few key reasons to think about this type of coverage:

  • Financial Security: Ensure your family can handle financial responsibilities without burden.
  • Cover Final Expenses: Easily manage costs like funeral expenses and outstanding debts.
  • Estate Planning: Contribute to the smooth transfer of your estate to the next generation.
  • Charitable Contributions: Leave a legacy by designating a portion to a charity.


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What’s the Difference Between Regular Life Insurance and Senior Life Insurance?

Regular life insurance policies generally have age restrictions or demand higher premiums for applicants in their later years, whereas life insurance for the over 70s is specifically designed around the needs of those that have reached this milestone.

Life is different for septuagenarians, octogenarians and nonagenarians, and these special policies consider the unique circumstances of life over 70, often offering more accessible terms and coverage options that are not typically available in standard life insurance policies.

What Options Are There for Me at Age 70-Plus?

The thought of a mandatory medical exam is one of the biggest hurdles we hear about when we talk to our clients about later-life insurance policies.

Thankfully, there are myriad policies out there that do not require a medical, and with the experienced team at KGJ on your side, you can look forward to securing a senior life insurance policy that has been created around your specific needs and circumstances.

Not every policy is suitable for every person, but our job is to find cover that meets your needs, budget and circumstances. It’s why our clients often say we’re the best life insurance provider.

Guaranteed Acceptance

No medical exams or health questions asked.

Whole Life Insurance

Coverage lasting your lifetime, with potential to build cash value.

Term Life Insurance

Protection for a specific period, ideal for meeting temporary needs.

Fixed Number of Years

Pay only until you reach a certain age, such as 90.

Get Friendly, Free Advice Today

Why Choose KGJ Insurance?

At KGJ, we like nothing more than to do things properly – we’re the antithesis of endless online price comparing and searching.

We understand the value of a phone call or a face-to-face conversation, and respect just how important these decisions can be to your future and the future of your loved one.

It’s why we tailor our services to each individual and why we’re proud to be independent and focused only on your financial stability and peace of mind.

We offer:

  • Personal Consultations: Directly discuss your needs in person or over the phone.
  • Tailored Advice: Benefit from our decades of expertise in finding the perfect policy.
  • Trust: With over 50 years serving the community, our reputation speaks for itself.
  • Independence: We answer only to you – no shareholders or corporate overseers.
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