Sustainable (Ethical) Investment

KGJ is a Member of UKSIF

UKSIF – The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

KGJ is a member of UKSIF because we want to stand with others who are also interested in sustainability. The members of UKSIF are financial institutions, fund managers, independent financial advisors and IFA firms, all of whom are interested in sustainable and ethical investing.

KGJ has had solar panels on its roof for many years, as have we recycled paper and other waste conscientiously. We have also worked since we were founded with sustainable finance pioneers such as the Friend’s Provident Stewardship Fund.

Our sustainable approach is ingrained in our DNA. The company is now over 50 years old, and our positive approach shows in our co-worker team where some of us started from school, over 40 years ago, and are still going strong!

What does Sustainable Investment mean to us? Here are our sustainability criteria:

  1. Socially and environmentally sustainable
  2. Ethical in the approach to people and planet
  3. Acting with conscious conscientiousness

At KGJ we have selected a balanced portfolio that matches our sustainability criteria AND gives a good return. This is how our medium risk ethical portfolio (Ethical – moderate) performed over the last 5 years, compared to the retail price index (UK RPI) and compared to the Financial Times All Shares Index (FTSE All Share):

Remember: past performance is no guarantee of future results

The growth of 50% over five years equates to a cumulative annual return, after costs, of over 8.5%. However, when modelling clients’ portfolio, we will always work on an after-costs growth rate of 4 – 4.5% because past performance does not guarantee future performance.