Independent Financial Advice

Financial and personal well-being are closely linked.

At KGJ we can help you make the most of your money, and because we understand the pressures and challenges of life and we understand the financial system we can help you make wise financial decisions, and navigate your financial challenges.

The whole financial system is built on trust. On banknotes is written “we promise to pay the bearer”. Although the financial system is complex and sophisticated, it is also designed and regulated.  It is designed to help us be secure and able to achieve their life-goals.  We all participate in multiple ways in the financial system willy-nilly.  When we use our bank accounts, when we pay for goods, when we receive our benefits or pensions.  At KGJ we allow you to take more control of your money so you can make more of it.  We use the same system the banks, government and corporations use and because we understand how the system works, we can make it work better for you. Contact us today for independent financial advice.

We can help you organise your

  • Pension
  • ISA – tax free savings
  • Investments

We can help you make your money work harder so you can achieve:

  • Long term security
  • Specific financial goals
  • Solution for financial difficulties

Learning about Investment

Watch our introductory video

Read more about our understanding of investment and the economy

Learn how we support sustainabile and ethical investment

Managing Risk and Volatitlity

Some investments can deliver higher returns but they are often more volatile, which means that when the market is going up they go up more, but also, if the market is going down, they may go down more too.

It is possible to manage risk and safely make the most of your investments. Learn more about how to do that and complete our risk appetite questionnaire to find out what sort of investment would suit you.

Meet our Team of Independent Financial Advisors

Martin, John, Jim, Caroline and Franco are all experienced fully qualified Independent Financial Advisers, and able to help you organise your finances.

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